Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Discovery: An Awesome New Magazine

Last month my boyfriend and I took off for a long weekend trip to visit my grandparents in Florida. It was an amazing trip. To be fair, it’s always an amazing trip, but I’ll get into my love affair with the Sunshine State some other time. For now I want to share an amazing discovery I made while searching for in-flight reading material.

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Now, I enjoy items like Vogue, InStyle, and Real Simple as much as the next person, but they always seem the rotate the same "articles" about the best eyebrow shape for your face and how to organize your life in 10 easy steps. I mean … enough is enough. Don't you agree? 

If so, you need to check out renegade COLLECTIVE. I guarantee you’ll find it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air. 

Source: Renegade Collective / Collective Hub

RC is incredibly innovative and takes interesting perspectives on regular topics covered by mainstream women’s magazines. You’ll find pieces covering fashion, design, travel and food, but everything is more content based and truly tailored to the modern career woman. The editors also make an effort to blend hard-news issues with the regular fluff you find in a lot of journals, so instead of only profiles on film stars and supermodels, you also find personable interviews with people like Jennifer Robinson, renowned Australian lawyer and member of the legal team representing Julian Assange. 


As a result, you find yourself educated while being entertained, learning about things from entrepreneurism in fashion design to the delicate nature of navigating customs as a controversial human rights lawyer.

Taking a note from Jack Kerouac, the RC Team describes that its magazine is for the “mad ones”, the “game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers”.  A bold statement, but I think it absolutely delivers. The reader comes away motivated. I felt inspired to push myself creativity in my work and in my personal life. How many magazines these days are able to provoke their readers in such a way?

And not to stress the point further, but it’s also just a beautiful journal to flip through. I promise, I'm not being paid to promote this in any way and I don't work for RC (I wish!) It's just my favorite new thing to read. I hope you enjoy it too!

P.S. It looks like they also have a total blast putting together the magazine.

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