Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Best Commencement Speeches

It's already late May and it’s officially graduation and wedding season. As it turns out, for the first time in a seven of years, I don’t have either type of event on my agenda this summer -- and I'm totally torn. While I’m glad to be saving some money and look forward to the extra free weekends, at heart, I’m just sucker for the pomp and party that comes with such occasions. 

What I do love, without actually having to attend a ceremony, are all the commencement speeches available online. Perhaps you've seen, but recently a team at NPR handpicked the best 300 graduation speeches since 1774.

Source: NPR

I’ve been perusing through the list, but I think one of my favorites will always be Conan O'Brien at Dartmouth in 2011. He's included amongst NPR's selections, but here's the direct video from YouTube.

The tried-and-true Vermonter that I am, I (not so secretly) love his shout out to the Green Mountain State/Ben & Jerry's. And as always, he's hysterical through the whole thing!

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